Nedging lamb.

Salt Marsh Lamb

Salt Marsh Lamb offers a unique flavour due to them grazing over the natural grasses and samphire of the salt marshes in Romney Marsh in Kent. These marshes are free from any fertilizers and provide an environment where the sheep can roam freely.

The meat has a richer and altogether sweeter flavour. 90% of the UK’s salt marsh lamb is exported to France where it is highly prized by their top chefs.

Nedging Lamb

Our Nedging Lamb comes from Bridge Farm, Chelsworth, Suffolk where the grassland runs both sides of the Brett Valley providing grazing for both the ewes and the lambs. The flock of 1,200 breeding ewes was established twelve years ago and is cared for by the highly respected stockman Michael Mumford and his small team.

All the sheep are certified within the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Beef and Lamb Scheme. Furthermore, all animals are treated with care and compassion and reared to the highest welfare standards without the routine use of any antibiotics or growth promoters. Come and buy some soon!

For our Roast Lamb Cooking Instructions – follow the link.

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