• Game & Venison

  • We are licensed as a game dealer and we offer a wide selection of game during the game season starting in August to the end of January.

    • Pheasant
    • Grouse
    • Partridge
    • Hare
    • Rabbit
    • Wild duck
    • Venison

    Our venison is genuine wild Scottish venison from Balmoral & Royal Deeside.

    The Balmoral Estate has been the home of the Royal Family since 1855 and this and the surrounding estates have been carefully developed over the years to provide habitats which support a diverse range of flora and wildlife.

    The venison retains the distinctive flavour you would expect from animals that have foraged in the natural environment of the rugged Cairngorm uplands and is a naturally lean meat, low in fat, low in cholesterol and an important source of iron, protein and vitamins.

    Please call us for availability - Tel: 020 8979 3800