• Christmas 2018

  • Each year we visit the farm from where we source our Christmas Turkeys, Geese and Chickens to meet the farmer and see how the birds we will be preparing for you at Christmas are coming along. The birds have acres of paddocks to roam in, but as you can see in the photo’s, sometimes they prefer to flock together.

    Free Range Bronze Turkeys

    Bronze Turkeys, the name derives from the colour of the plumage, are a slow-growing strain which enables the development of firm-textured meat with a fuller, delicious flavour. The bronze turkeys are raised free range in large grass paddocks at Herons Farm in Essex.

    The turkeys meet the strict standards of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association and are awarded a Golden Promise certificate. You can find turkey cooking instructions by following the link to their website. We also supply Turkeys for Thanksgiving.

    Free Range Geese

    The type of goose raised on the farm is the Norfolk goose. They arrive at the farm as day-old goslings in April and May and like the turkeys are reared slowly in grass paddocks – just 40 to 50 to the acre. They are fed on natural foods containing no additives or growth promoters. After July when grass loses its value they are fed on Heron’s home produced wheat.

    As a guide a small goose will feed up to 4, medium up to 7, and large up to 10.

    Free Range Chickens

    These are brought on more slowly than supermarket varieties. As a result the bird has a greatly improved texture and an old-fashioned ‘real chicken’ taste.

    Pop-Rite Cooking Timer

    With your goose or turkey we supply the ‘Pop-Rite Cooking Timer’ that you simply insert into the breast of the bird. The Pop-Rite timer senses the internal temperature of poultry, eliminating guesswork and assuring you of a perfectly cooked bird every time. When the timer pops up your turkey or goose will be deliciously done.

    Three Bird Roast – Goose, Chicken & Pheasant

    For a really special Christmas treat this year, try a three bird roast. It’s a goose stuffed with a chicken, which in turn is stuffed with a pheasant! The roast is layered with apricot and sage stuffing and boned for ease in carving. A wonderful Christmas dish hot or cold; feeds about 15 people.

    You can find cooking instructions for the Three Bird Roast by following the link.

    Boneless Turkey Breast

    For a more simple Christmas Dinner, try a Boneless Turkey Breast. You will find instructions for cooking a Boneless Turkey Breast from fresh or frozen by following the link.

    Order Now For Christmas

    We are now taking orders for Christmas. You can call into the shop to place your order or phone, or email us. As we are sure you will understand, we can only take phone and email orders from customers already known to us. The last day for placing your order will be Saturday 15th December.

    Christmas & New Year Opening Times

    You can check our Christmas and New Year opening times on our contact page.