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Can You Help Us With a Local Charity?

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Local School Food Boxes

At Dales we have been supporting BRITE Box, a local charity, for just over 12 months.

A ‘BRITE Box’ is prepared at a hub near Sandown Park racecourse and boxes are distributed to children at schools in the local area identified as being at risk of food insecurity. Each contains fresh food and recipe cards to enable families to cook and dine together.

Our shop provides the meat they require at ‘cost’ price, so no profit, usually around 100 boxes per week. Each box costs approximately £5.00 (this cost is due to the cost price nature of the goods).

Following customer interest and feedback, we are asking any customers who may wish to donate, either regularly or on an ad hoc basis, towards a box. If you simply let us know when paying for your meat, we can add the amount to your order.

Finally, the volunteer team are looking for drivers on Friday at around 12:30pm to deliver boxes to local schools. If you can spare the time, please let us know and we can pass on your details.