• We support BeesMAX and the important work they do to try and halt the decline of the bee population.

    Losing bees could have devastating effects on our farms, economy, and day-to-day life. As food pollinators, bees play a huge part in almost everything we eat and everything that our food (cows, pigs, turkeys, etc.) eats.

    Without them, landowners would lose the most efficient and cost-effective pollinators on Earth greatly increasing the cost of farming and food. Farmers would have to invest in expensive pollination technology. If they couldn’t afford the technology, farmers would be severely limited in what crops they could grow as bees pollinate thirty percent of the world’s crops. Food and, importantly, meat prices would spiral upwards.

    You can host or adopt a hive. Beesmax provide all the necessary equipment and materials as a totally outsourced service. Find out more at BeesMAX.